Start at Zero. Stop at Nothing.

WealthNation is a handy savings app that turns small amounts of money into fun amounts of money. We're not worried if your starting balance is $0. Live your life with WealthNation, and that's soon gonna change.

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Jakob Owens


WealthNation. Cashed-up when it counts.

We ask a lot from money. We want it to fund today's whims, tomorrow's grand plans and yesterday's over enthusiasm. Some of us hope it'll support a sneaker addiction or a gadget obsession. Others need it for base jumping lessons or a pilgrimage to Burning Man.

And that's what life should be about: having the cash to pay for the experiences and things that make us happy. That give our lives meaning. That bring us together with the people we love.

It doesn't matter what we do with our cash. It's about getting to a point where our savings match our desires. Where we can afford the good stuff.

But how do we balance financial freedom and financial responsibilities?

That's where WealthNation comes in. WealthNation is the saving app for people who value moments over money. More than just a helpful way to save, WealthNation is a mindset. It's for those of us who know what we want, and are eager to get there.

Let WealthNation do the counting. We'll make the good stuff count.


Before you can take those first steps up Machu Picchu or step into your first ice cream-making masterclass, these are the other steps you'll need to take.

Open a WealthNation account

All we need is a few common details: name, email and phone number, plus one super-secret password.

Nominate your savings goal

Nominate your savings goal to help you keep your eyes on the prize.

Nominate your funding account

This is the everyday bank account that your pay goes into.

Link your cards

Every time you use them to make a purchase, we'll round it up to the nearest dollar and stash the extra money in a separate savings account.

Open a WealthNation savings account

Open a WealthNation savings account with Macquarie with a snap of your license or passport – who needs paperwork? They'll send you a notification to give the go-ahead for online ID verification.

Set up done

Little by little, you're cashed-up for life's adventures. Whatever they are.


More bang for your bucket list.

Get started with $0

Some investment sites ask for thousands of dollars just to get going. Not us. We know that saving's gotta start somewhere.

We give you 3 months fee-free

You won't pay a cent for the first 3 months. And after that, not much more: just $1 a month. No matter how much cash you've saved.

We don't risk your money

No risky market-based portfolios here. Your cash goes straight to the bank.

We don't risk your data

Our enterprise grade platform is safe, trusted & secure. We've got your back.