• By Christina Karras
  • Posted Sept 9, 2018

Own it.

Today I looked at my calendar and realized something. I realized that, all of a sudden, we are heading into the final months of the year. My reaction? Total confusion, disbelief and denial. Apparently, time does fly when you're having fun. Or perhaps, when you are so busy the days all roll into one. But with spring here and summer around the corner, I thought I'd take a minute to stop and reflect. To reflect on some of the financial related realizations I learned in one of two ways:

1 - The hard way
2 - The second hand way - a mix of personal experiences and lessons learnt from friends, in 2018 thus far.

  • By Christina Karras
  • Posted August 5, 2018

Sick of comparing yourself to others? Me too.

Why does being in your early 20's feel so much like only having 5 years of your life left? 5 years in which you need to achieve as much as possible. Why do I feel like I have a constantly approaching deadline for success?

The harsh reality is that our society is riddled with expectations. Gender based expectations. Appearance. Age. You get my drift. The list is endless. But sadly it's not only society passing judgement. Sometimes it comes from those we love the most, like family or friends.

  • By Christina Karras
  • Posted July 22, 2018

Where Did All My Money Go?

It's so easy to spend money. And to be honest I think I've developed a habit where I can do it unconsciously. For someone who likes to have thought behind action, I'm self-aware enough to realize I'm starting to sound a bit like a hypocrite. But with paid subscriptions and online shopping the temptations are endless.

  • By Riley Brettell
  • Posted July 15, 2018

Lessons in life and money from Alex Lahey

So, apologies for a slightly misleading title. For the record, Alex Lahey has no idea who I am or that this is happening, but I'm sure she'll be pleased to hear her music is making waves in the WealthNation community.

To anyone who is unfamiliar with her work, if I can borrow a line from the legendary Molly Meldrum; do yourself a favour.

  • By Christina Karras
  • Posted July 1, 2018


I like to think of myself as a self-aware type of person. I think and reflect and understand my actions. And there is usually an underlying purpose behind them. So in order to work hard, I like to be able to see a reward, or even just a light at the end of the tunnel. Something to look forward to that breaks up the monotony and makes work - even when it might feel meaningless - more meaningful. Last year, I had a European holiday lined up, so working lots and taking on the extra shifts made sense. But this winter break, with no immediate reward in sight, I find myself struggling to keep working and putting money aside.

  • By Jason Kaye, Co-Founder
  • Posted June 24 2018

We Want Change!

Sorry people, you've been lied to.

That deal you're being sold - work hard, play by the rules and end up with a perfect life – it's straight out of the '50s. It's a shitty deal designed to leave you overworked, in debt, lining other people's pockets and waiting until retirement to really live.

  • By Christina Karras
  • Posted June 17 2018

Money Mindset - Everything In Moderation

Being a newly 20 year old, working two jobs, and being a student with the future looming, money is something that I think about a lot. Sometimes with notions of frustration, and negativity, wondering why everything fun - clothes, festivals, travelling - has a price. Sometime I wonder what I'm even saving for, and why money drives so much of our society? Going to work, earning money and simply putting it away can feel less than fulfilling.

  • By Jason Kaye
  • Posted June 10, 2018

Put Money in its Place.

People conflate money with the experiences it allows you to buy. But money is just a tool. One that is given far more importance than it deserves. Once you have that perspective, it becomes easier to manage the money you have, and use it to live the life you want.

So I want to put money in its place...

  • By Riley Brettell
  • Posted June 4, 2018

Shout Politics on a Shoestring.

I have always liked to consider myself to be a pretty carefree person when it comes to my cash.

I'm normally happy to spend a bit to have a good night out and strictly observe all the finer points of shout politics. I don't have a problem giving a fiver to a busker who plays Cold Chisel over Bieber. And I won't go banging a mate's door down if he hasn't paid me the $9 for last week's court fees two days later.

  • By Riley Brettell
  • Posted May 24, 2018

Enjoying life with a -$29.95 bank balance

Pull out your Oxford Dictionary and look up the word 'irony' for me.

The definition should read something like, '21-year-old Aussie, living and working in London, earning under 5 pounds an hour, living with four other people in a shoebox with weeds quite literally growing through the walls, also writing blogs for WealthNation.'

  • By Jason Kaye
  • Posted May 16, 2018

What if Fintech became Funtech?

Younger generations view the old-world financial system through a distrustful lens. Little wonder. They watched from the schoolyard as the global financial crisis brought the world to its knees. They came of age as their parents grappled with increasing insecurity, the ever-growing cost of living and the near-normalisation of corporate scandals. Now they're grappling with those problems.

  • By Luke Fitzpatrick
  • Posted May 6, 2016

The Long Hard Road to Becoming an Entrepreneur

One thing that nobody tells you - being an entrepreneur is really hard. There are no rules - only the rules that you chose to live by. The best advice I can give you – “Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you. One day, you will start to think and act like them.

  • By Nick Kelland
  • Posted April 1, 2016

The future is scary.

When I say the future is scary, I'm not talking about what I'm going to have for lunch tomorrow, or what TV show might spark my interest that evening. In fact, It's relatively simple to wake up each day, go through your daily routine and come out the other side ready to put your head on the pillow and do it all over again.

  • By Nicole Edwards
  • Posted March 4, 2016

Dare to be different, to think different?.to believe in yourself!

Financial security means different things to every individual but for me it means the following. 

  • I wouldn’t be writing budgets every week to save a specific amount to spend a specific amount and to monitor my extra curricular activities accordingly. Ideally that’d just happen in the background so I could spend more of my time deciding and planning on how to live the life I’d like. 
  • I could live a healthy lifestyle with ease, naturally choosing organic (Australian) products because I believe they are better for my body; not worrying about the expensive price tag for instance...
  • By Riley Brettell
  • Posted January 24, 2016

Financial Pressure - When You Have No Financial Pressures.

As far as it goes, I think it would be hard to find an easier stage of living than as an almost second year Uni student living at home in suburban Melbourne. Outside of a few part time jobs, responsibilities are relatively minimal and financial commitments are largely limited to the monthly phone bills and regular investments into Carlton and United Breweries.

  • By Ben Attfield
  • Posted January 17, 2016

Money saving tips from a world champion tight-ar*e (Part 1)

y mate Jurgen is one of the great tight-arses the world has ever seen. When we were in high school he once got mad at me for forcing him to make what he thought was an unnecessary phone call. “Calm down mate, it only cost you 35 cents” was met with “well that's 35 cents I didn't need to spend!”

  • By Morgan Dalton
  • Posted January 10, 2016

Less Thinking. More Doing.

This is the next in our series of guest blogs written for WealthNation by Gen Y’s who share what it actually feels like to look into the future and contemplate the bumpy road to ‘responsible’ adulthood. Whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

  • By Jason Kaye
  • Posted January, 2016

Saving Money Is Tough

Been stressing because you know saving money is really important but you struggle with it? Don't worry, you're not alone. There's a good reason for it. It's called the Endowment Effect. ...

  • By Maddy Scrocca
  • Posted December 22, 2015

Simply Money

This is the first in a series of guest posts written for WealthNation by Gen Y’s who share what it actually feels like to look into the future and contemplate the bumpy road to ‘responsible’ adulthood. Whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean...

  • By Jason Kaye
  • Posted December 10, 2015

Save small and live big - you can do this!

Staying out of debt and saving money for the future are pretty universal goals. We all understand this, in theory, so why does something seemingly so basic feel so fucking difficult to put into practice?...