• By Nicole Edwards
  • Posted March 4, 2016

Dare to be different, to think different….to believe in yourself!

Financial security means different things to every individual but for me it means the following. 

  • I wouldn’t be writing budgets every week to save a specific amount to spend a specific amount and to monitor my extra curricular activities accordingly. Ideally that’d just happen in the background so I could spend more of my time deciding and planning on how to live the life I’d like. 
  • I could live a healthy lifestyle with ease, naturally choosing organic (Australian) products because I believe they are better for my body; not worrying about the expensive price tag for instance. 
  • I could travel the world! Explore, learn and live amongst different cultures and the natural wonders of this world. I could experience what most people will never have the opportunity to, and how fortunate and better off I feel I would I be if I could do this. 
  • Armed with the knowledge and experience of my travels perhaps I could make a difference in this world? I would be able to offer my time and resources to those in need and not have to work extra jobs on the side, consider internships or pay cuts to get into a new company and create new job opportunities. Perhaps I wouldn’t be so selfishly motivated at this stage of my life.  Perhaps I would give to every busker, every homeless person I see; and not have to think about the bills I must pay this week, the expense of going out and being social, the gym membership that’s about to expire, my car that’s due for service and repairs. Perhaps I would be an entirely selfless person, one that I am proud to be 100% of the time… 
  • Perhaps with financial security I could choose to be whoever I wanted to be with ease and selflessness. I could take whatever pathway I wanted, whenever I wanted; however I wanted… 

In reading the above list there will be people who insist that I can do all of those things and be all of those things without financial security. Yes, in a way this is true; given that I don’t want to provide any future family I have with a great education, a safe and comfortable home and a lifestyle that offers any children I have the chance to take as many extra curricular activities they would like…. But in reality I DO want to be able to do offer all these things. 

I dream of one day being financially secure and comfortable enough to give back to those in need and help those less fortunate, to be able to make a difference in some way within my lifetime. 

However, we live in a world of uncertainty, civil war, continued acts of terrorism and threats, climate change, a rise in poverty, homelessness and unemployment rates, continued natural disasters and political warfare I feel is rarely genuinely for the good of the greater population. Coupled with crippling house prices and rising costs of living, I believe that in 2016 nothing is a given, nothing is of certainty and nothing should be taken for granted. 

At the age of 26 after having moved back home I am able to save most of my weekly pay. Some of this goes into a high interest earning account, some goes to pay off my car loan, and some is accumulating to pay down my university debt faster than what’s already allocated in my pay.  The rest is going toward my travel and education fund! But that all takes constant discipline and action. It’s actually pretty tough. 

Like the point about I have recently come to the conclusion I need to learn more in the world of Digital Marketing to progress my career options. I must throw caution to the wind and find an internship or an educational program that is current, and up date with the technology driven world of 2016. 

To land that dream job it appears I have to go back to supporting myself once again whilst I study. Along with other like minded Australians I speak to it appears companies want staff to be innovative, dynamic, hard working, driven, able to travel, work longer hours, be available at the touch of button any where you go and most of all they want to hire experts in every field to lead them to success. 

With positions increasingly competitive, wages that make it near impossible to afford a home in most parts of Australia, growing education debt, credit card debts and the rising gap between the wealthy, middle class and poor, Generation Y has many challenges ahead. 

2016 for me personally involves major change, high risk, a loss of savings (as I spend to learn) and the ‘can do’ attitude as I 

  • Dare to dream to be different 
  • Dare to create financial security longer term 
  • Dare to leave what’s currently a comfortable lifestyle for the unknown 
  • Dare to believe in myself to make a difference in this world 

I am grateful however, that Australian Gen Y’s of 2016 are lucky enough and increasingly encouraged to be all of the above and more; now comes the challenge of creating a lifestyle that offers enough financial security where Gen Y can achieve all of these things and more…. 

What does financial security in 2016 mean to you? 

Nicole Edwards, a 26-year-old Marketing consultant with a flair for innovative creations and entrepreneurship. Nicole believes nothing is a failed business if it leads you on a different pathway to success and increased your learning’s exponentially.  

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