• By Riley Brettell
  • Posted May 24, 2018

Enjoying life with a -$29.95 bank balance

Pull out your Oxford Dictionary and look up the word 'irony' for me.

The definition should read something like, '21-year-old Aussie, living and working in London, earning under 5 pounds an hour, living with four other people in a shoebox with weeds quite literally growing through the walls, also writing blogs for WealthNation.'

That's a dynamic that won't make a lot of sense on the surface. I'm not exactly bringing the financial expertise of that shoeless bloke who's in the paper to the table here, and it smacks of David Warner preaching sportsmanship or Donald Trump talking humility.

Thankfully, despite the common word association, being wealthy doesn't necessarily have anything to do with keeping piles of cash stashed away or being invested in flashy portfolio's of Exchange Traded Funds, and that is a real saver for my credibility.

To have an abundance of experience, opportunity, knowledge and freedom is as much a fitting description of wealth as having an overflowing savings or investment account is. Really, It's probably a far better definition.

I'm working hard to remind myself of that very fact as I do the budget for next month to see how many pints I can afford once the rent comes out, and whether a few tins of baked beans could also be an option with what is left over. As my Grandmothers keep reminding me, 'make sure you're eating.'

Everyone has their own way with money. Of course, circumstances and priorities change along the way, but at this point in my life, money is made to be spent. Not on shit, but on stuff that makes you feel good.

Why else do you work at this age? To save for a house? Retirement? Please.

The more money saved Monday-Friday, the more enjoyable Saturday night is. The more that gets put away this month, the more time lying carefree on a beach somewhere in July.

I'm not naive enough to think that will always be the case, but while things are simple, keep it simple. The KISS formula hasn't failed me as yet.

I would like to thank Wealth Nation for altering the 'Start At Zero. Stop At Nothing' tagline to, 'Start at -$29.55. Stop At Nothing' for the purpose of letting me in on the push to make life that little bit easier.

WealthNation is now in private beta in Australia, so if you'd like to know more about getting involved in testing, or would just like to follow our progress, you can sign up here.