• By Riley Brettell
  • Posted July 15, 2018

Lessons in life and money from Alex Lahey

So, apologies for a slightly misleading title. For the record, Alex Lahey has no idea who I am or that this is happening, but I'm sure she'll be pleased to hear her music is making waves in the WealthNation community.

To anyone who is unfamiliar with her work, if I can borrow a line from the legendary Molly Meldrum; do yourself a favour.

The Melbourne muso is making waves and it has struck me recently how money - or a lack thereof - is a bit of a recurring theme throughout her music.

That's probably not surprising given that she's a young Aussie and the almighty dollar is something that is topical for most of us.

Her stuff began to resonate with me around the time that I got a phone call whilst trudging home on a freezing English winter afternoon from the National Australia Bank. Everyone's favourite contact.

When they told me that my account had been locked after an attempted withdrawal of $500 coming from continental Europe, it was hard not to laugh. The poor crook overestimated my balance by about $495.

It was the stuff of early 2000's music videos as I hung up the phone and Lahey's 'There's No Money' was the first song to come through my headphones. A cracking song, but the last line captures my interest most in this context.

“'Cause time moves slowly when there's no money and I have nothing to lose.”

Anyone who has operated on a shoestring budget will attest to how things can drag on when you're in that situation, and while it's a shit feeling, the idea of having nothing to lose is so liberating and is what living a wealthy life, rather than a financially 'rich' life, is all about.

That's why I stopped wallowing in self-pity and adopted another Lahey approach to living while my mates were in town, from 'Every Day's The Weekend'.

“Fuck work*, you're here, every day's the weekend”

It's a fairly simple message. I'd have thought - just live it up with whatever you've got.

Disposable income is still limited but as a result of that mindset, I've lived like a King in the last month.

That is, the sort of King who sleeps on a four-foot couch in the lounge room of a Dublin share house while the floor in the kitchen caves in. Money can't buy that sort of experience.

* If you're reading boss, I love my job. Please don't fire me. See the aforementioned title of 'There's No Money'

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