• By Christina Karras
  • Posted June 17 2018

Money Mindset - Everything In Moderation

Being a newly 20 year old, working two jobs, and being a student with the future looming, money is something that I think about a lot. Sometimes with notions of frustration, and negativity, wondering why everything fun - clothes, festivals, travelling - has a price. Sometime I wonder what I'm even saving for, and why money drives so much of our society? Going to work, earning money and simply putting it away can feel less than fulfilling.

But, my money mindset is pretty simple - spend some, save some. Literally.

It might sound pretty conventional. Logical even. But I can think of many others who might follow a different mantra. Maybe aligning with more extreme philosophies, categorizing themselves as benevolent and free 'spenders' or perhaps being strict 'savers'.

It's interesting to think about where these respective approaches about money and opinions about how we should use it have come from. For me, I'm very conscious of how my family's financial ideas have evolved into my own. One of my parents would categorise themselves as a saver. Very responsible with strict saving habits that lead some to label them a bit of a tight-ass. Conversely, the other has a much less tighter grip on the wallet so-to-speak. They don't necessarily spend beyond their means, but they will often say things like 'If you really want it, just get it!' if I'm tossing up on a slightly expensive purchase.

Growing up in a household with these two conflicting money mindsets has laid the foundation for how I personally see money's function in the world. When I was a kid I used to be a notorious saver, saving tooth fairy money, birthday money, you name it. I used to overthink every single purchase from a t-shirt to a lollipop. But then, as I grew up I realized quality things and times, tend to cost money, and that's okay. I learnt that while money is important to, you know live, you can't enjoy money that's just sitting in a piggy bank.

These days, I tend to adopt an 'everything in moderation' approach.

When I've had a big week, feeling like I've busted my butt at uni, and at work, where I've managed to put some of my pay in my savings account for the mysterious/terrifying/exciting future, I'll easily award myself a millennial moment and 'treat myself.' It can be anything that makes life seem a little less mundane, like a cheap guilty pleasure that is McDonalds, to splurging on some new makeup. But in my opinion, that's what life - and your subsequent finances - should be about, balance.

Because while of course the future is scary as hell, and I know I'll have to save for a house eventually, and that'll mean less Uber Eats and getting a so-called real job. But working tirelessly without allowing yourself to indulge in the things you love, no matter the price, won't satisfy you forever.

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