• By Jason Kaye
  • Posted June 10, 2018

Put Money in its Place.

People conflate money with the experiences it allows you to buy. But money is just a tool. One that is given far more importance than it deserves. Once you have that perspective, it becomes easier to manage the money you have, and use it to live the life you want.

So I want to put money in its place...

Money thinks it runs the world.

Money keeps you up at night.

Keeps you tied to a desk, long after you've grown restless.

Keeps coming up in conversations where it doesn't belong.

Money keeps taking more and more of your time.

But money is just one way of accumulating wealth.

Now, wealth – that's gained through experiences.

Through travel. Through friendship. Through love and through loss.

Through living in each moment. And living for each moment.

That is why saving money is so hard for those who lead a rich life.

I think we should value wealth over money. We should put experiences over Exchange Traded Funds. Transparency over target returns. Reassurance over risk. We should replace stress and confusion with ease and optimism.

I'm here to put money back in its place.

To find ways to help you save more of it, and spend less time worrying about it.

To pull back the curtain from the shady world of finance.

And show a simple way forward.

A place where your money is always growing, bit-by-bit.

Always there, for when you need it.

For flying away from a month of rainy days. For retracing Che Guevara's route on a rickety motorbike. For a suburban home with 1.77 kids.

It's just money after all.

There are far more valuable things at stake.

WealthNation is now testing the version 1 product with real people like you, so if you'd like to know more about getting involved in testing, or would just like to follow our progress, you can sign up here.