• By Jason Kaye, Co-Founder
  • Posted June 24 2018

We Want Change!

Sorry people, you've been lied to.

That deal you're being sold - work hard, play by the rules and end up with a perfect life – it's straight out of the '50s. It's a shitty deal designed to leave you overworked, in debt, lining other people's pockets and waiting until retirement to really live.

We want to change that deal

We believe that with the right team on your side, there's more room to be you. So, you don't need to change. Live your life, hang with friends, get a dumb tattoo or watch the sun rise over a volcano. The only change we need from you is the stuff you find between couch cushions.

Sounds a bit like magic, right? Well, we're not wizards. We built a handy app that puts away coin every time you buy something. Can't live without your morning coffee? Awesome. Every cup gets you a step nearer to that new guitar. Grabbing a bottle on the way to a friend's housewarming? Boom! You just got closer to that dream trip and became the hero of the party.

This changes everything - no debt, no five-year plan. We turn the silver into gold and you live how you live. Together, we're going to redefine change. And what it means to really live.

WealthNation is now testing the version 1 product with real people like you, so if you'd like to know more about getting involved in testing, or would just like to follow our progress, you can sign up here.